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Last update: October 8, 2015

OpenACS and Using qf_forms


This tutorial is to help the beginner learn the basic understanding how OpenACS works and how to create a web inteface to a backend database.

This is a working tutorial.

During this tutorial, you will create tables, add data to these tables, and create a user. This information is used to demo some of the APIs and to create a "todo list". If you choose not to create these tables, add data or add the user, then errors will occur with some of the APIs, and "todo list" will not work at all.

This is not a replacement for documentation at the OpenACS web site.

Some of the information and ideas below have been written by other authors. At this time, I would like to thank them for sharing their knowledge.
Benjamin Brink - Providing excellent examples

Getting Started With OpenACS - your quick guide to a powerful framework. Cesar Claveria - Rocael Hernandez (PDF tutorial)

Other Resources

Basic understanding of PostgreSQL Philip Greenspun
PostgreSQL Introduction and Concepts Bruce Momjian
Basic understanding of TCL Philip Greenspun
OpenACS Documents
Why Openacs Used AOLServer Philip Greenspun

  1. Introduction
    1. Install OpenACS on Ubuntu
    2. Install OpenACS on FreeBSD
    3. OpenACS Directory Structure
    4. OpenACS WWW
    5. OpenACS CSS
    6. PostgreSQL
    7. Demontool
    8. Screen Image - OpenACS Installation: Welcome
  2. PostgreSQL
    1. Basic SQL Commands
    2. OpenACS Tables
    3. OpenACS Sequence
    4. Creating a Sequence
    5. Creating a Table
    6. Creating a Constraint
    7. Adding Data
    8. Examples of SEQUENCE and TABLES
  3. Developing an Application For OpenACS
    1. Development Environment
    2. Application Requirements
    3. Interface Design
    4. Database and Development
    5. Web Interface Development
    6. TCL and APD Source
  4. OpenACS Application Package
    1. Create a New Package
    2. Add a New Package
    3. Mount Package
    4. Web Pages Location
  5. Examples of OpenACS APIs
  6. OpenACS Screen images
    1. Login Procedure
    2. Main Site Administration